3d wpc wall panel design

Outdoors, weather changes always catch people off guard.

Storms and scorching sun may damage 3d wpc wall panels, causing them to expand and contract, resulting in warping and uneven working surfaces.

However, with our snap-on design, these problems can be easily solved.

The biggest advantage of this design is that 3d wpc wall panels are constrained by each other, and one 3d wpc wall panel will remain stable due to the constraints of two adjacent 3d wpc wall panels.

The traditional screw fixing method, once encountering thermal expansion and contraction, the 3d wpc wall panel will warp, and the panel surface will directly arch up, which is very troublesome.

And our snap-on design, you only need to buckle and fix it lightly, and you can quickly complete the installation.

In this way, whether it is cleaning or maintenance, it becomes easy and simple.

The snap-on design also has good waterproof performance.

In the rainy season, rainwater may penetrate into the interior along the 3d wpc wall panel, causing moisture inside and even mold.

Our snap-on design can effectively prevent rainwater from penetrating and keep the wall dry through tight buckling.

Our snap-on design also has high stability.

Even in a storm, it will not loosen or fall off.

This is because our snap-on design adopts scientific mechanical principles, so that each snap can evenly bear external force, thereby improving the overall stability.

Our snap-on 3d wpc wall panel design is not only easy to install, has good waterproof performance, but also has high stability. It is an ideal choice for your outdoor decoration.

Come and try it, and make your outdoor space more beautiful and practical!

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