best capped composite decking

In home decoration and garden landscape design, the choice of flooring is crucial.

Although traditional wooden floors are naturally beautiful, they are prone to moisture expansion, cracking and deformation, which has always troubled users.

In order to solve this problem, launched their star product – capped composite decking, a new material choice that is both environmentally friendly and durable. .

This floor uses advanced co-extrusion technology to mix plastic and wood powder in a certain proportion and then form them by hot extrusion.

This not only makes the floor more stable, but also effectively prevents deformation and cracking caused by environmental changes.

Compared with traditional wooden floors, our capped composite decking does not require frequent repairs and maintenance, which greatly saves later maintenance costs. .

The production process of this material fully considers the needs of environmental protection.

By using polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride to replace traditional resin adhesives, and mixing with more than 35%-70% of waste plant fibers such as wood powder, rice husks, straw, etc., we not only produce floors with superior performance, but also realize the recycling of resources. .

For consumers, choosing our capped composite decking also means enjoying more personalized services. .

The company has a professional design team and 28 modern production lines, which can be customized according to the specific needs of customers. Whether it is outdoor pavilions, pergolas, or indoor floors and wall panels, they can meet different design and functional requirements.

It is worth mentioning that not only focuses on product quality and innovation, but also attaches great importance to the practice of environmental protection concepts. .

The company has huge investment, with a 65-acre production base and 40,000 square meters of production workshops. It is located in the Pearl River Delta region with convenient transportation. The annual production capacity of plastic wood reaches 50,000 tons, which fully demonstrates its leading position in the industry and accurate grasp of future development trends. .

Our capped composite decking is gradually becoming the preferred material in home decoration and garden landscape design with its excellent environmental performance, stable physical properties and highly customized services. .

This not only represents the development direction of new building materials, but also reflects the pursuit of modern consumers for healthy and environmentally friendly life.

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