Joist spacing for composite decking

Generally speaking, the joist spacing should be determined according to the nature and thickness of the floor material.

For composite decking, the recommended spacing is usually between 30-40 cm, which can ensure that the floor has sufficient support and avoid deformation or damage to the floor due to too small spacing.

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the demand for green building materials, composite decking has become more and more popular due to its recyclability, low maintenance cost and aesthetics.

Joist spacing is one of the key factors when installing composite decking, which directly affects the stability and service life of the floor.

Choosing the right joist spacing is not only related to the stability of composite decking, but also to the aesthetics and comfort of the entire room.

The material of the joist is also very important. High-quality wood or anti-corrosion treated metal joists are good choices.

During the installation process, it is also necessary to pay attention to the connection method between the joist and the ground to ensure that each connection point is firm and reliable, so as to maximize the service life of the floor.

The use of environmentally friendly materials is increasingly valued in modern buildings.

Composite decking has become one of the preferred materials for green buildings due to its unique advantages, such as recyclability and reduced dependence on forest resources.

By correctly selecting and installing the keel spacing, not only can the performance of plastic wood flooring be improved, but it can also contribute to promoting the sustainable development of the construction industry.

When choosing composite decking, users are reminded to pay attention to the setting of the keel spacing and follow professional installation instructions.

Reasonable prices combined with correct installation methods will make your home environment more beautiful, comfortable and environmentally friendly.

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