What is Uncapped composite decking?

Uncapped composite decking is a sub-category of composite decking, which is wood plastic composite material.

Wood plastic composite material is developing rapidly nowadays. Wood plastic composite used outdoors can be divided into three series according to different processes, namely Co-extrusion wood polymer compostie, Classic wood polymer compostie, and 3D Embossed wood polymer compostie.

Co-extrusion wood polymer compostie is the latest and best series of Co-extrusion WPC Decking and Co-extrusion WPC Wall Panel and etc.

Classic wood polymer compostie contain classic WPC decking, WPC wall panel, WPC fence and etc.

3D Embossed wood polymer compostie mainly focuses on the 3D Embossed WPC Decking and 3D Embossed WPC Wall Panel.

Among them, Co-extrusion wood polymer compostie can be divided into fully capped and half capped according to the co-extrusion coating situation.

So What is Uncapped composite decking?

From the above analysis, Uncapped composite decking is very similar to classic wood polymer compostie decking or 3D Embossed wood polymer compostie decking.

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