what is wood plastic composite flooring

Wood plastic composite flooring, a new type of environmentally friendly and durable material, has gradually entered people’s lives.

But many people still have doubts about its raw materials. Today, let’s analyze it in detail.

The main raw materials of wood plastic composite flooring include plastic and wood fiber.

Among them, plastic mainly comes from recycled waste plastics, such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), etc.; wood fiber comes from by-products in the wood processing process, such as sawdust and wood chips.

The combination of these two materials not only solves the problem of handling waste plastics and wood fibers, but also provides new possibilities for floor production.

During the production process, these two raw materials are treated with special processes, such as high temperature and high pressure, and finally form a wood-plastic composite material with good performance.

This material not only retains the natural and warm feeling of wood, but also has the waterproof, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant properties of plastic, so it is widely used in indoor and outdoor floor decoration.

In addition to plastic and wood fiber, some manufacturers will also add some auxiliary materials to wood plastic composite flooring, such as stabilizers, antioxidants, etc., to improve the stability and durability of the floor.

Although these auxiliary materials are not used in large quantities, they play a key role in improving the performance of the floor.

Wood plastic composite flooring is made of waste plastic, wood fiber and some auxiliary materials through special processing.

This kind of wood plastic composite flooring is both environmentally friendly and practical, and is an ideal choice for modern home decoration.

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