wpc co extrusion decking surface treatment

In today’s society, environmental protection and sustainable development have become global topics.

Against this backdrop, the building materials industry has also ushered in a green revolution.

As an emerging environmentally friendly building material product, wpc co extrusion decking has gradually gained market favor with its outstanding performance and environmentally friendly characteristics. .

As the name suggests, wpc co extrusion decking is a flooring product made of wood plastic composite material (WPC), which is then processed with a layer of high-performance protective film on the surface through co-extrusion technology. .

Compared with traditional wood plastic flooring, the application of co-extrusion technology not only makes the product closer to natural wood in appearance, but also has better waterproof, moisture-proof, UV and wear resistance in function. .

The surface treatment of wpc co extrusion decking usually has several styles, including pit groove style, flat brushed style, and flat wood grain style. These surface treatments are all surface processing after the wpc co extrusion decking is formed in the mold

Let’s take a deeper look at the composition of this floor.

Wpc co extrusion decking is mainly composed of two parts: the core layer and the surface layer. .

The core layer is usually a mixture of wood powder, plastic and other additives, most of which are derived from recyclable resources, fully reflecting the pursuit of environmental protection.

The surface layer is a high-density protective film processed by co-extrusion technology, which not only enhances the structural strength of the board, but also provides additional protection, making the floor more durable and long-lasting. .

It is worth mentioning that formaldehyde and other harmful substances are not used in the production process of this floor. Therefore, compared with traditional solid wood floors, Wpc co extrusion decking is safer and more environmentally friendly, and can be regarded as a model of green building materials. .

In actual use, the performance advantages of Wpc co extrusion decking are particularly prominent. .

It does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde and heavy metals, and can be recycled, greatly reducing the impact on the environment.

In addition, due to its excellent waterproof performance, it can cope with it even in humid environments such as kitchens and bathrooms.

At the same time, it also has good anti-UV, anti-corrosion and anti-mildew capabilities, making it longer in service life.

For daily cleaning and maintenance, it is even simpler and more convenient.

Although the maintenance of wpc co extrusion decking is relatively simple, proper cleaning and maintenance should not be ignored. .

Usually, you can use a soft-bristled broom or an electrostatic mop for daily cleaning. For stubborn stains, you need to use a neutral detergent and a damp cloth to wipe.

It should be emphasized that you should avoid using highly abrasive tools to clean the floor to avoid scratching the surface.

In addition to home interiors such as living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms, wpc co extrusion decking is also suitable for commercial spaces and public places, such as offices, hotels, schools and medical institutions. .

Its superior performance can meet the needs of various environments.

Choosing wpc co extrusion decking is a responsible expression of environmental protection while pursuing home aesthetics. .

With the improvement of consumers’ environmental awareness and the continuous advancement of technology, we have reason to believe that the market prospects of wpc co extrusion decking will be very broad in the future. .

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