wpc slatted cladding

wpc slatted cladding, this name sounds a bit complicated, but it is actually another name for Co-extrusion Great Wall Board.

So why does it have such an alias? This is actually related to its production process.

We need to understand what Co-extrusion plastic wood is.

Co-extrusion plastic wood is a composite material made by Co-extrusion technology. It is extruded simultaneously in a mold by two or more different plastic materials to form an integrated multi-layer structure.

The advantage of this structure is that it can combine the advantages of various materials. For example, the outer layer can be a wear-resistant and weather-resistant material, while the inner layer can be a lightweight and heat-insulating material.

Then, let’s take a look at the Great Wall Board.

The Great Wall Board is a new type of building decoration material. Its main feature is that the surface has a concave and convex texture similar to the Great Wall bricks, hence the name.

This texture is not only beautiful, but also has anti-slip and wear-resistant properties.

What is wpc slatted cladding? In fact, it is a new type of building decoration material made by combining Co-extrusion plastic wood technology and the design concept of the Great Wall Board.

This material has the advantages of Co-extrusion plastic wood, such as wear resistance, weather resistance, light weight, and heat preservation, and has the characteristics of the Great Wall board, such as beauty, non-slip, and wear resistance.

Therefore, people gave it an alias – the Great Wall board.

This new material is widely used and can be used for indoor and outdoor floors, walls, ceilings, etc., such as parks, squares, commercial streets, and family balconies.

Its appearance provides architects with more choices and adds more color to our lives.

The reason why wpc slatted cladding is also called the Great Wall board is that it combines the Co-extrusion plastic wood technology and the design concept of the Great Wall board, and has many advantages and characteristics.

The application of this new material makes our lives more colorful.

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