wpc wall cladding price Philippines

The outdoor-specific wpc wall cladding is very popular in the Philippine market for its moisture-proof, mildew-proof and durable properties.

This wall panel is made of high-quality materials and is priced at only US$12.5 per square meter, which is very cost-effective.

It not only has a natural appearance and is easy to install, but also has excellent weather resistance and fire resistance, making it very suitable for outdoor use.

In tropical areas such as the Philippines, the outdoor environment is changeable, with high temperatures and heavy rain.

Traditional wooden or painted wall panels are prone to moisture and mold, but our outdoor wpc wall cladding can effectively resist these problems and keep the wall beautiful and lasting.

Its unique surface treatment technology makes the wall panels more resistant to pollution and easier to clean.

The environmental performance of this wall panel is also a highlight.

It does not contain harmful substances and is recyclable, which not only beautifies your outdoor space, but also contributes to protecting the environment.

Whether it is a home courtyard, a restaurant terrace or a public leisure area, it can add a natural and harmonious beauty.

Now, you can own such an outdoor wpc wall cladding that is beautiful, durable and environmentally friendly at only $12.5 per square meter.

Don’t hesitate, contact us to order now! Let your outdoor space look brand new, enjoy a high-quality life, and do your part for the earth’s environmental protection.

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