Does composite decking last longer than wood?

Composite decking lasts longer than wood, thanks to its excellent weather resistance and corrosion resistance. In fact, high-quality composite decking can last up to thirty years.

Composite decking is not easily deformed or warped, and can remain stable even in humid or temperature-differential environments.

Ordinary wooden floors are prone to swelling due to moisture or shrinking due to drying, which can cause cracking and deformation over time.

Composite decking also has good wear and scratch resistance, and the surface treatment technology makes it more resistant to dirt and easier to clean.

In contrast, traditional wooden floors require regular waxing and oiling to maintain their gloss and extend their service life, and daily maintenance is more cumbersome.

Although the price of composite decking may be slightly higher than that of ordinary wooden floors, it is more cost-effective in the long run due to its long service life and low maintenance costs.

If you want an outdoor space that is both beautiful and worry-free, you may consider choosing composite decking.

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