how much does a composite decking cost?

With the popularity of outdoor living spaces, more and more people are beginning to pay attention to and invest in the decoration of their own courtyards or balconies. Among the many outdoor flooring materials, composite decking is gradually becoming a popular choice for outdoor flooring due to its durability, low maintenance cost and beautiful appearance.

Recently, a friend asked us about the price of composite decking. She is planning an outdoor project and wants to know what kind of design can be achieved within the budget. To this end, we explained in detail the composite decking that she was concerned about, and summarized the following key points about the price of composite decking:

The material determines the appearance and price

The appearance and quality of composite decking are closely related to its material. There are three main materials for composite decking commonly seen on the market: wpc co extrusion decking, 3d embossed composite decking and classic wood polymer decking. Among them, wpc co extrusion decking has higher texture and beauty due to its excellent characteristics, but the price is also relatively high; 3d embossed composite decking has a very three-dimensional 3D wood grain and is cost-effective; classic wood polymer decking is a product that has been developed in the market for the longest time, with both good performance and a friendly price level.

Size affects the cost and the experience

In addition to the material, the size of composite decking is also an important factor affecting its price. Generally speaking, composite decking with thicker thickness and solid structure requires more materials, so the price will increase accordingly. In addition, if the shape of the outdoor space is special or complex, custom-sized composite decking may be required, which will further increase the total cost of the project.

Style matching affects the visual effect and the budget

The style and design of composite decking are also one of the factors that affect the price. Different styles and designs will give people different visual effects and will also affect the difficulty of construction. Some unique designs may require additional costs to meet customer needs. Therefore, when making a budget, we need to fully consider the diversity of styles and designs to ensure that the ideal outdoor space is finally achieved.

So how much does a composite decking cost?According to our understanding, the price range of composite decking in the market is roughly USD15.00 to USD30. The specific price will also be affected by brand, material, size and design style. Therefore, for friends who are planning outdoor projects, it is recommended that they fully consider these factors when making a budget and make wise choices based on their needs and preferences.

As a practical and beautiful outdoor flooring material, composite decking can not only enhance the quality of outdoor space, but also bring a comfortable outdoor experience to the owner. We hope that through our sharing, we can help everyone better understand the price of composite decking, so as to make more wise investment decisions in this field.

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