wood polymer composite board

In this fast-paced life, building a warm and comfortable home is everyone’s dream.

Imagine, in the warm sunshine, walking barefoot on the cool and comfortable outdoor floor, what a pleasant life scene! This is exactly the wonderful experience our 140*25 plastic wood hollow floor brings you. ..

Our wood polymer composite board adopts advanced PE plastic wood production technology, which not only retains the natural texture and texture of wood, but also adds the durability of plastic, so that the floor has both the warmth of wood and the high durability of plastic. ..

This hollow force-bearing structure design greatly reduces the material cost, allowing you to enjoy high-quality outdoor flooring at a more affordable price. .

The installation process of this wood polymer composite board is simple and fast, saving time and effort. .

You don’t need to worry about the complicated construction process, even DIY can easily get it done.

Moreover, there is almost no need for maintenance in the later stage, avoiding the trouble of regular maintenance of traditional wooden floors. ..

What’s more surprising is that this wood polymer composite board has good environmental performance, no pollution, no pollution, and can be recycled.

Its high fireproof performance ensures the safety of the family, and it will extinguish itself when in fire, without producing any toxic gas.

At the same time, the moisture-proof and insect-proof functions also ensure the service life of the floor, regardless of whether it is a humid or insect-infested environment.

Now, you can own this high-quality, high-performance wood polymer composite board at a price of only 14.22USD per square meter.

Contact us now to start your comfortable outdoor life!

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