wpc panel thickness

Today, as we build warm homes, woodedtech’s wpc panel has become the first choice for many families with its excellent performance and environmental protection characteristics. ..

Are you still worried about finding a wall panel that is both beautiful and durable and can save energy?

Let’s talk about the thickness selection of woodedtech’s wpc panel. ..

The thickness is not only related to the strength and thermal insulation of the wall panel, but also directly affects the comfort of the home environment. .

Generally speaking, the thickness of the wpc panel provided by woodedtech ranges from 19 mm to 30 mm, and panels of different thicknesses are adapted to different usage requirements. ..

Thicker panels are particularly suitable for occasions that need to withstand more external forces or pursue higher energy-saving standards due to their stronger structural stability and better thermal insulation effect.

Our wpc panel also has excellent sound insulation function, making your home more quiet and comfortable. .

Whether it is a lively family gathering or a quiet corner for work or rest, woodedtech’s wpc panel can meet your needs. ..

Choosing woodedtech is not only choosing a high-quality product, but also choosing an environmentally friendly, economical and efficient lifestyle.

We promise that every wall panel is carefully designed and strictly produced to add peace of mind and beauty to your home life.

Take action now and use Woodedtech’s wpc panel to give your home a new look!

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